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There are many clinics in Mumbai, as well as in other areas of the world, that have introduced their own hair transplant techniques, ULTRA HIGH-DENSITY HAIR TRANSPLANT (UHDHT) is one among them. Assure Clinic offers the best UHDHT in Mumbai which is one of the most advanced hair transplant technique available today.

UHDHT method doesn’t require to create large number slits and then implant the Hair, instead with every slit created the Grafts are implanted at the same time in the recipient area immediately hence the probability of pores getting closed or clotted is out of the picture. So while implanting not a single slit is missed out hence Assure Clinic can give precise grafting at appropriate angles and orientation which provides High Density and High volume of Hair and which easily merges with the existing hair, hence giving a very Natural look after transplantation.

Benefits of UHDHT Technique with FUE

  • Better Natural Looking Results
  • Increase survival rate of transplanted grafts
  • Increase growth rate of transplanted grafts
  • Less anaesthesia and minimum postoperative medication
  • Much more Density
  • Give room to the patient to style their hair the way they desire.