Hair loss is a common condition encountered by many people by the time they enter their third decade of life these days even earlier if no appropriate treatment is undertaken, the condition progresses rapidly and leads to severe hair loss. There are different modalities to manage hair loss, this includes medical treatment (medicines), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection, and hair transplant; however, hair transplantation has proved to be the most effective and the gold standard treatment for severe hair loss with long-lasting results. Hair Transplantation, as the name suggests, is a treatment where hair follicles are transferred from one part of the body (usually scalp) to the affected areas in order to cover the bald area. This method has been proven to be the most effective treatment for hair loss. It is like a long-lasting
investment and leads to significant cosmetic benefits.

Type of Hair Transplant Treatments


UHDHT method doesn’t require creating large number slits and then implant the hair, instead of with every slit created the grafts are implanted at the same time in the recipient area immediately hence the probability of pores getting closed or clotted is out of the picture.


FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction involves removing healthy hair follicles directly from a donor area on the scalp and grafting them onto the bald or thinning areas. The method uses a specialised punch device, ranging in diameter 0.7mm, to extract follicular units complete with necessary glands.


It is the most advanced hair transplantation technique. At Assure, hair follicles are removed from the donor area one after one using a very fine extractor with a diameter of 1mm or less. DSHI procedure is always performed by certified surgeons

Unlike FUE and FUT procedures that are mostly done by technicians.

The hair is then placed using a single-use implant directly on the treatment area. DSHI’s implant gives a surgeon full control over depth, angle, and direction ensuring natural results. The transplanted hair grows naturally just like facial hair with the same texture and characteristics. Besides, you can shave newly implanted facial hair and even style them like you want.we use Direct Simultaneous Hair Implantation (DSHI) technique to give you natural results and density. We use single-use patented instruments for the procedures that allow us to achieve perfect angle, depth, and direction.


There are many reports which suggest that men with beard look much smarter than without beard. The facial hair transplant procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. They are painless and last for an hour or two.


The eyebrows play a unique role in oral communication. When we talk we move our eyebrows, at the same time creating different human expressions like happiness, anger, pain, sadness and many more.

fue vs fut

FUE: Latest technique supported by all doctors around the world. Done with a punch. The scars are very small and can’t be seen. FUT: Old technique not used by many doctors and not recommended by many.

Hair Loss Treatments


PRP is an autologous blood treatment that stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. A small volume of blood is drawn from the patient processed via centrifugation to concentrate platelets in the plasma and then injected into the targeted area.


Tiny pigment deposits are placed within the upper dermis of the scalp, to replicate the appearance of shaved hair follicles. When combined with thousands of more deposits, the result is the appearance of a full head of shaved hair.

Your Journey

Before your treatment: We’ll give you clear guidance on all of the options available to you, the pros and cons of each and the costs involved. We’ll also give you full information about the kind of results you can realistically expect to achieve. But we will never forget that if you decide to undertake treatment with Assure you are a medical patient under the care of our doctor, not merely a paying customer. Before recommending any particular course of treatment, we’ll take into account your age, your medical history and your general health and wellbeing. You can enter our surgery safe in the knowledge that you are receiving not just the best possible hair restoration treatment, but the best possible medical care.

Your Treatment day: If you are having a hair restoration procedure, your treatment day will take place at our state-of-the-art clinic. Before surgery, you’ll have a meeting with your operating Doctor, who will talk you through the procedure and will assess you to make sure you are in the right condition to receive your procedure. Although our treatments are medical operations conducted in a theatre, we have made every effort to provide an environment that is comfortable and pleasant. All of our procedures are conducted using tablet pain relief and injections of local anaesthetic, which is similar to an injection at the dentist and should be the only discomfort you will feel throughout the process. You will be awake but relaxed throughout the day, and able to watch movies or use a tablet computer while the procedure is taking place. We have made a treatment at Assure Clinic as much like a spa day as possible – and more than one patient has even said that their day with us was the most enjoyable ‘me time’ they’d had in years! When the procedure is complete we will again assess you to ensure you are in full health and able to leave the clinic. We’ll provide you with all that you need to take care of your grafts, and full information on how to look after everything in the coming days and weeks.

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