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Microscopic & Video Dermascopy Hair Analysis

One facing Hair fall problems could be due to many reasons, it can be heredity, inappropriate lifestyle, stress, exposing too much in pollution or due to any medical history.

Initially when people face these problems, they don’t notice it until they notice thinning over the crown or hairline or mid vertex region. So understanding or keeping a count on the number of hair that falls or breaks each day will give clarity whether one should rest back and ignore or to treat it at the right time before its late. One should get a microscopic hair examination done at Assure Clinic along with free hair consultation and watch your own hair quality and scalp in video dermascopy.

This will be helpful to the patients as they need to know their actual state of hair. In Microscopic hair examination, it shows each hair closely through micro lenses on to the screen and see the result and understand the active hair thinning or hair loss as one cannot see through naked eyes until the person loses hair permanently.

Visit Assure Clinic to get free Hair Consultation along wtih Microscopic test and see your own hair stands whether their healthy or weak.