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Comparison FUE FUT
Technique Latest Technique supported by all Doctors around the world. Old Technique not used by many Doctors and not recommended by many.
Tool utilized punch. blade.
Scar No Visible Scars. One linear scar.
Total Scar Size Very small and can’t be seen. Big and Visible.
Scar long term effect Hides with Hair and cannot be Detected. Easily Detectable even after Procedure.
Quality of graft With our Modern and Precise approach the quality of is maintained. Wastage of grafts and unhealthy can't be used.
Visible Marks No Scar, No Stiches, No wound. Leaves Scar, multiple stiches and deep Wound.
Side Effect No side effect. High chances of infection.
Pain No pain as we use local anesthesia during procedure and post procedure there is mild discomfort. No Pain during procedure and post procedure unbearable Pain.
Downtime Recovery much Faster. Takes time to heal.