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  • Hair transplant really work?
  •        Yes, they have been in practice since a long time it wouldn’t have been continued if it didn’t give result s and we have a long line of satisfied and happy clients.

  • Are hair transplantation results permanent?
  •         Yes, But it all depends upon your diet and lifestyle but the transplanted hair usually stay for atleast 5 years.

  • How much Hair Transplantation will I need?
  •         We cannot answer this question without examining you first please contact us so we can take things further.

  • How long will the transplanted hair continue to grow?
  •         Transplanted hair are as good as natural hair and will grow according to your natural hair growth rate.

  • Can hair transplantation affect the rest of my hair?
  •         No it is however beneficial as when you get treated for baldness we will treat and nourish your remaining hair as well so that with your transplanted hair your        current hair will also become strong.

  • Is it safe to undergo hair transplantation?
  •         Yes it is but you have to get tested before you go for transplant so we will give you medication and prepare accordingly.

  • How much time it will take for complete regrowth?
  •         It usually takes within 6 to 9 months for your hair to completely regrow.

  • Is there any age limit for hair transplant?
  •         No there is no upper age limit but we prefer that the person candidate is older than 21 years before we go for hair transplant. There are always exceptions in        some cases.