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M.D. Dermatology(Skin VD)

Dr.Abhishek Pilani is one of the founder members of ASSURE Hair/Skin & Physio centre (2016) in Andheri.

Dr.Abhishek a M.D. Dermatology has 7+ years of professional experience in the Dermatology industry before starting Assure. Dr. Abhishek Pilani is an expert in different fields of hair treatment, cosmetology.

He has completed one year Externship in King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Has conducted 700+ major hair transplant surgeries throughout his career with 100% success rate.

He Believes on taking a patient first & patient friendly approach including being courteous, appreciative, responsive, responsible, energetic & professional. He heads Assure Clinic which has a step up of its own pharmacy which provides convenience to patients to purchase the medication they require which they may find it difficult to find it in the Market.

His setup has strong focus on Information Technology & data analytics to:
Monitor day to day operations of the Centre.
Managing marketing campaigns.
Scale up operations to multiple locations with full control over the operations.
Hands on Training for Botox and Fillers.

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