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Corn Excisions

What is a Corn?
A corn is a localised area of the skin which has become thick and hard due to repeated friction and pressure.

How is it formed?
It is formed due to repeated friction, pressure or irritation in one particular area.

Is it harmful, does it spread to other body parts?
Corns are not harmful and do not spread to other body parts. It is formed only on areas where there is repeated contact. It can be treated easily.

Is it contagious?
No not at all.

How can one get rid of the corn?
A corn is easier to prevent than to treat. In early stages, they can be dissolved with keratolytic agents, but with a full blown corn, they have to be surgically removed by certified Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon.

Is the Surgery painful?
The procedure is done under anaesthesia, hence it is painless.
All Procedures at Assure are performed by Well Trained and Certified Doctors so there is no risk of side effects with safety method

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